I’ve decided that this post should have a permanent place on the blog, and so it will also appear in the “about” section.  Below is my mission statement, if you will.

My name is Elizabeth Ludemann, and I am a librarian-in-training. I’ve created this blog to document my adventures in library school. That’s right, adventures. It takes its title from a concept found in an article by Michael Buckland. It was just a phrase that always stuck with me. Citing Briet, Michael Buckland discusses the notion of information as thing: what constitutes information, or a document for that matter? Could we–and should we–be cataloging such things as antelopes?

Why not?

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, here is the article by Buckland.  Otherwise, welcome to Cataloging Antelopes, and here’s to life-long learning!